Gua Sha (Skin Scraping)




Gua Sha is one of the traditional Chinese Medicine treatments. Gua Sha is used to treat many acute and chronic health problems including: Colds and flu, Fever, Headache, Indigestion, Dizziness, Injury, Joint pain, Fibromyalgia, Heat exhaustion. It is also commonly performed to relax tight and aching muscles and to relieve tiredness and fatigue. The stroking action of Gua Sha to the points and channels can also be practiced as a health enhancement method. Physiologically, scraping damages the skin. When our body tries to repair, it also eradicates the cold virus. After first time Scrapping, has to wait till all the redness disappeared, then can continue to do your second time scraping. You CAN NOT take shower right after the Skin Scraping treatment has to wait for 30 minutes.
30 Minutes


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