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Jacuzzi bathtubs produce a massage experience by using streams of either air or water to agitate the water in the tub, thereby producing currents that rub and rotate against the body in a circular, rapid motion. For further relief, the water inside the tub is often heated to a comfortable temperature and its movement can be accompanied by air bubbles that massage as well.

* We recommend have a couple massage with the one you love in our warm double massage room, and share a wonderful bath experience together in a double Jacuzzi bathtub.

Dear Customers, PLEASE Check if you any of these following medical symptoms before have a spa bath!

  1. We CAN NOT treat you if you under a certain medical condition, unless you have the guidance of your medical practitioner.
    Check if you have these symptoms below:
    Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Conditions, Inflammation, Epilepsy, Respiratory Conditions, Pacemaker and Prothesis.
  2. We CAN NOT treat you at all the time if you under these medical conditions below:
    Injuries, Open lesions/Wounds, Pregnancy and Menstruation.
  3. We CAN NOT treat you if under these two medical condition; unless it is slight and you are not taking medication to control the condition.
    High Blood Pressure and Low Blood Pressure.
  4. We May NOT allow treating you if you under these medical conditions severely.
    Allergies, Headaches/Migraine, Hyperthyroid and Back conditions.